The high-end fashion sports brand DYNE was founded in 2015 by Christopher Bevans, former design director of the NIKE Blue Ribbon Sports Division.


The brand name is derived from the Greek word “Dynamis” which means “power”. Designers use the three elements of FIT, FABRICATION, and FUNCTION to design innovative fabrics into the sophisticated design, breaking through the traditional definition of sportswear, fabricating fabrics developed with new technology, and unique tailoring ( Fit) and functional (Function) combine fashion items.


DYNE debuted the brand's eyewear collection in SS19.  The designers extend DYNE's core spirit - Sportsmanship - to the collection, and impeccably perform its "Eccentric Side of Sportswear" in the eyewear designs. 

DYNE not only combines the design elements of the windshield with a classic aviator mirror but also infuses the versatility of functional jackets’ detachable parts into the spectacle lenses.

In addition to these innovative sunglasses designs, DYNE also takes the daily simple chic sportswear design concept into account and reinterprets the square-framed sunglasses, which was the remarkable design in the 1990s.  


The brand uses a sporty streetwear style as a design foundation, injects massive high-tech materials and elements into the lenses, and creates a perfect blend of functionality, sophistication and cutting-edge trending details in this one-of-a-kind DYNE eyewear collection.