Vancouver Candle Co. was founded in 2014 by Nick Rabuchin. Blending his inherent passion for the arts and his fascination with the power of scent has lead Nick to create a brand rich in tradition and integrity. Each Vancouver Candle Co. artisanal candle and diffuser is handcrafted using traditional methods and make use of the finest quality ingredients including premium soy wax, pure cotton wicks, natural essential oils and perfume grade fine fragrance.

Nick grew up in California, USA before moving to Vancouver, Canada. The creative studied fine art at the University of British Columbia before taking on a career in event management and floral design. His passion for candle making was ignited when studying the ingredients in a luxury candle he’d been burning at home. Unsatisfied with the quality, Nick began blending fragrances and creating his own candles. His ongoing dedication to the traditional craft of candle making, along with his natural ability to create unique scent compositions lead to the conception and now cult-like following of Vancouver Candle Co. – a name that pays respect to his adopted home, the place where it all began and where each candle is still produced today. Nick creates luxurious home fragrance products that are rooted in tradition and integrity, helping us to reconnect with ourselves and our natural surroundings.